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Welcome to my little home on the web!


I'm Michael Slape, a junior game designer at Rebellion Developments. I completed a Master of Arts in Game Development (Design) with a Distinction and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Games Programming with a 1st-Class Honours.


My dissertation for my BSc achieved a 90% overall mark, making it not only the best dissertation mark within my Computer Games Programming cohort, but also joint 2nd for the highest mark against 271 students enrolled on a Level 6 Computer Science course at the university.


Thanks to my natural creativity and studying both design and programming, I consider myself aptly competent in both designing and implementing various features for games, creating assets, and writing documents for various projects.

Please note: GitHub links may require permissions from me in order to access them. Repos have been made private to prevent work being forked or downloaded without my consent.

My pet peacock, Jeffery, in pixel art form!

Peacock perched original.gif


Monkey Idle Large.gif
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