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Get To Know Me!

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In case you missed it, my name is Michael Slape - here you can find out a bit more about me (for those that might be curious anyway!) in bite-size quick facts, soooo let's-a-go!

I'm a huge gamer - I've owned and still own a large variety of game consoles, including an arcade table that has almost all the classic arcade games (it's missing Asteroids sadly)!

I've learnt to speak 4 languages in an academic environment and tried to pick up a few extra ones as a hobby. Whenever I visit somewhere that isn't an English speaking country, I like to learn the local lingo so that locals don't feel they have to speak in English to converse with me!

I really enjoy travelling! One of my all-time favourite destinations is Japan, and I can't wait to go back and see more of the country. I also moved to Frankfurt, Germany when I was 10 years old for a couple of years!

I absolutely love animals! One of my original intended career paths was to try becoming a zoologist, but sadly I have a natural weakness with the science subjects. The peacock game and icon I use were made in honour of my pet peacock, Jeffery. If things don't work out, I might become a farmer - don't believe me? Take a look at the timeline below to see all the pets I've had so far in my life!

I've already worked professionally in the banking & finance sector, spending most of my time working with Lloyds Banking Group in London's city centre. I've also worked with other places, including Lehmann Brothers (in administration) helping the PwC staff with their work!

I really enjoy music, both to listen to and learn! I used to have lessons to learn acoustic & electric guitar and piano. There are a number of piano tracks that I have been trying to teach myself to play, although its a slow process!

I love art, both drawing and admiring it! When I can, I like to do all my own artwork for projects that I work on. I've become comfortable with doing pixel artwork especially, although I would like to expand my artistic abilities into other mediums. I recently have become very interested in video game art books to get inspirations and understand the design decisions behind the art - I currently own 50-60 art books that are mainly video game ones, but also expand into film and TV!

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