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Bot Breakout

An online multiplayer party game completed as a team of 2 for my Masters degree. The team consisted of myself as the Game Designer and my teammate as the Game Developer, although I took on additional roles such as project manager, level designer, sound designer, and artist. To compliment and reinforce the fun party game vibe, many custom assets were made or sourced from the web, with the ones I personally made found below. A lot of inspiration was taken from similar party games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and the Mario Party series. The game was featured in the Into Games newsletter which can be read here.

Post-Apocalyptic Western game

This project took place in the summer of 2020 where a classmate, Charles Anz, from my university course asked me to come on board as the artist. There were 3 of us in the team at the time, with Charles handling programming in Unity and the third member acting as the project coordinator. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic western world and would have been a story-driven experience, however with our focus shifting to get some early work done on our dissertation projects, we slowly stepped away from this project. The artwork I was able to create focused on the environment and status icons, which would be reminiscent of games like the original Final Fantasy.

A Peacock's tale

My first real game project from 2018 and also my first experience delving into creating pixel art for games. The project is inspired by a pet peacock I used to have called Jeffery who I got in 2015, and since then I have become affectionately referred to as "the peacock guy". This project is arguable my most notorious one that people remember, and was created as my final major piece for my Games Design A Level course. To find out a bit more about the game, as well as additional artwork produced for this project, feel free to go check it out under the "Projects - Games" tab at the top of this page!


One of my first team projects during my university course, this game was focused on the assassination of Julius Caesar at the time of the Ides of March. I had 2 roles in this as both artist and team leader in a team of 5 people, and because of my prior artwork, my team were happy with me taking charge of creating assets in a pixel art format. I came up with the name "Liberatus" after looking into various Latin words and phrases (since I hadn't studied Latin in over 10 years!), and went with this name since it literally means "liberate". It made sense to call it this, as your main objective is to kill Caesar and liberate Rome from his tyranny! You can find out a bit more, including additional artworks, by checking out "Liberatus" from the "Projects - Games" tab above!