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Engine: Unity

Artwork Tools: Photoshop, Asperite,, Illustrator

Role: Team Leader & Lead Artist

Team size: 5

Development Time: 2 months


"Liberatus" is a 2D side-scrolling adventure game where the player controls Marcus Junius Brutus on the advent of the Ides of March. The objective of the game is to assassinate Julius Caesar.

Demonstrable Skills:

  • Leadership:

    1. Proposed ideas for project, including the winning idea

    2. Assigned tasks to team members

    3. Pitched proposal and handled all team documentation

    4. Named the prototype based on the Latin word for liberate

  • Lead Artist:

    1. Completed creation of all environment art sprites based on real-world objects and locations, with the exception of the water fountain

    2. Compiled sprites into the level

    3. Drafted various title screen art pieces for the team to choose from

Skills Breakdown:

Lead Artist

After some discussion, it was agreed that I would be our lead artist as I had the most artistic experience among my peers, and as such I presented the case for using pixel graphics in the project. The team agreed to using this style after presenting my recent project, "A Peacock's Tale", as supportive evidence for why we should use it. The assets created can be seen in the gallery of images below, including the final level design at the end.


As well as the in-game assets, I also created different title screens for the team to vote upon which one they felt was the best fit thematically. Feedback from the team allowed me to improve upon the design until reaching the final result that was imported into Unity for use. The second gallery shows the evolution of the title screen, with the final image being the final design.


Additionally, I assumed the role as project lead as my peers felt I had the clearest vision for where to take this piece and therefore would offer the best guidance when distributing tasks, ensuring these tasks were completed on time, maintaining documentation for the project etc.

Due to a lack of discipline from some of the members in the team, the project never materialised into a playable prototype. These issues were brought up with members of the teaching team, although little could be done as the members in question went AWOL. We later learned that they had left the course.

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