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Engine: Games Fundamental Classes (GFC) Library provided by Kingston University

Programming Tool: Visual Studio

Language: C++

Role: Designer & Programmer

Team size: 1

Development Time: 2 ½ months


"Memorious" is a single-player point & click strategy game. The game world is set within the brain of an elderly human that suffers from dementia, with the player controlling a neuron cell.


Your primary goal is to revive dying brain cells by linking to them with “arms”, and each subsequent level will gradually increase the number of cells you must save.

Project Components:

  • Design Focus:

    • Combine elements of cellular brain biology with gaming for a new style of strategy game

  • In-Game Objective:

    • Revive dying neuron cells by connecting to them from the living neuron cell that you control

  • Project Objective:

    • Learn more about C++ programming for 2D games and deliver a unique, cellular-focused experience

Design Breakdown:

The game mechanics are using a simple point-and-click style to connect cells, starting from the most recently claimed cell or from the starting cell if it is a new level.

Future developments would include functioning AI that control sickly cells that are trying to claim both neutral cells and cells saved by the player, functional collectible memory orbs that add bonus points to a score counter, and the ability to cut arms and draw them directly as opposed to using the point-and-click approach.

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