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Engine: OpenGL

Programming Tool: Visual Studio

Language: C++

Role: Programmer

Team size: 1

Development Time: 1 ½ months


"An Alien Visit" is a low level application that explores geometric modelling, projection, and rendering in computer graphics. The project has an emphasis on C++, shader programming and 3D graphics libraries, particularly OpenGL.

Project Components:

  • 3D Graphics Techniques:

    • Water rendering

    • Fog

    • Normal mapping

    • Environment mapping & reflections

    • Particle systems

Design Breakdown

Topics of interest were chosen for exploration and implementation that were built in individual projects prior to being compiled together. Water rendering formed the foundation for the overall scene, with the design slowly building up as more topics were compiled into the final build. Each technique was given a particular purpose that made sense, e.g., the particle system is used to represent a leak in the beached boat.

The project also made use of a custom-made terrain heightmap that was created with Photoshop. Additional features, such as underwater fog and the multi-texturing along the shoreline, are also present. A spotlight was also attempted, but implementation was not completed in time.

Prior to this, an indoor scene was created using various other techniques, which you can view below.

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