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Console Game Prototype: Developing The King Arthur Narrative

Hello again!

This will be a short and snappy update - in the wake of recovering from Covid-19, I have been setback by a couple of weeks which has made things quite difficult for me to stay on top of my work. There's lots of work due soon, with equal amounts of new work being placed into my lap, so things are very hectic in my world!

Now for the main reason for the post...


Developing Our Narrative

As part of our role as narrative designers, we're required to complete a plot structure covering all the events that would happen in our game. Essentially, its like writing a script for the game's story arcs.

Currently, I still have quite a lot of the story to finish writing up. I got a bit carried away with the early scenes by throwing in lots of details and some dialogue to help enrich the script - oops! At present, Arthur is about to begin his journey with Merlin into the "special world" as highlighted in Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey cycle.

Once I conclude the act I am currently writing about, I will more than likely strip down to very basic explanations in the interests of saving time to try and avoid falling behind. As mentioned, there are other deadlines that are about to be on my doorstep, so its a serious juggling act to try keeping things afloat!


Closing Thoughts

That's honestly it for this post. Development of the story is still being done, and our artist has begun getting some concept art for Arthur, so there are things happening behind the scenes, but this time round its quite a quiet one!

With that, thanks for reading & see you next time!

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