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Console Game Prototype: Making Cutscenes!

So uh, it's been a little while since I last wrote something... *coughs* but I can explain!

This past month has pretty much become the month of "big team projects" for the end of my undergrad. That is to say, I have a lot of big team projects left to finish before the end of this month, plus my dissertation to finish up by early May. On top of that, I've also been working on my CVs and cover letters for multiple job applications, as well as networking as haaard as I can, while also trying to be available for students in my year group as their senior class rep and working as a teaching assistant to support the first year students who are finishing up their team projects. Sooo the blogs have kind of been forgotten about to say the least, aha - BUT I am now back (and will hopefully not forget to write something each weekend!).


So, what's new?

Well, whilst we were waiting on some models to be done for some of our knights, I did a big overhaul on our Trello board to make it super duper organised and active, with everyone in the team contributing to it more often with what they have done. So that's been a big success, woo!

By extension, this means I have also been quite busy on there, particularly with the documentation side of things. I don't think I'll add more documents as uploads here like I have done in the previous posts, except for showing the script in the last blog possibly. We shall see!


Lights 💡 Camera 🎥 Action 🤺

Here's the current progress on the opening cutscene:

There was a delay in progress whilst waiting on models to be completed, since the script I had written will mostly be looking at characters - and that's hard to set up when there aren't characters in the scene!

Fortunately, we have characters at our disposal now! We may need to make some adjustments to the script to accommodate for the remaining time we have, since the current plan consists of 3 cutscenes and 2 gameplay moments. We'll figure this out as we go, but since we have a deadline fast approaching for a different assignment, progress may not be as big as we'd like.


Closing Thoughts

Development for the inside scenes of the cave are underway, as well as further gameplay progress being done for how the player would control Arthur when fighting the boss Albion. Once I finish creation of the opening shot, I will begin work on the cutscenes for inside the cave whilst our environment designer will tidy up the outside scene so that there aren't any odd gaps in the world (like there currently are).

Just need to deal with this upcoming assignment due on Friday before I can fully commit to cutscene making!

Hopefully that is enough to satisfy your curiosity on how this is progressing, and that you can see why I have been absent for sometime with these blog updates. Almost there now, so there won't be too many more of these left!

With that, thanks for stopping by to read this update, stay safe, and I'll see you all soon! Buh-bye! :)

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