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Console Game Prototype: The Story Ends

Oh, hello there!

Welcome back to the blog and the last update for this project!

Its been a very busy week for my team and I as we worked to finish up this project, but we finally did it and we're really happy with our end result!

As my focus was on the narrative and developing our cutscenes, here's the complete footage of all the cutscenes I made for our project (this doesn't include the gameplay, for that you'll have to go check out the page for this game under my projects!):

There's a fair few things that I would like to fix or change given more time, but considering that this is a prototype (which has become, incidentally, my go-to word as of late for almost all projects I have worked on this calendar year) I think its not too shabby! Especially considering that none of us have ever tried to create cinematics before for anything we've created, so it was a biiiiiiig learning curve!

Closing Thoughts

So I think that it is for this project. I tried to get our game playable over on as a WebGL application, but one of the files is too large, so we would probably need to look into optimising the textures before trying again. There's not going to be any time for that until mid-May, so for now it can be downloaded off of the game's itch page for people to play. I'll try to update the look of the page when I get a chance, just to make it look nicer than what it currently is!

Side note: seems like Wix has updated their blogging feature, and I cannot find where my line headers have gone, so the look of this last blog feels off now :(

Anyways, thanks for reading along this journey, I hope you enjoyed reading about my design processes and will enjoy playing the game for yourself! Otherwise, stay safe and enjoy the summer! Buh byyyeee :)

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