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The Prologue Dev Blog

Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever development blog! This will be a weekly series (providing I don't forget to write up a post) in which I will drop updates on the different projects I am developing, new things I have learned or am learning about, and other general bits and pieces that you may or may not be interested in!

Alright, so, with the intro out of the way let's jump into some things you might be thinking to yourself...


Who are you?

I am Michael, a born-and-bred Brit from Surrey, U.K. who is currently in his final year of studying Computer Games Programming (Hons) at Kingston University. I am also known by my online alias as "Slapeyy", which very cleverly involves adding some y's to the end of my surname. A truly inventive alias.

As you can guess, I am learning to build and develop video games! 🎮This is primarily from the programming side, but I love the whole design process of making something that others can enjoy playing or experiencing. If you'd like to know anything else, feel free to contact me via social media or by using the "Contact" tab on the site.

Ok so, why are you writing a dev blog, Slapeyy?

Short answer: my course is making me do this, and I would like to get some nice grades so that I can look nice to potential employers and get a nice career going ASAP after I graduate. Otherwise I might be having a midlife crisis before I hit 30.

Jokes aside, the blog will also help showcase the kinds of things I develop individually and the contributions I make to team projects. These will all be items I am working on as part of the final year of my undergraduate degree. There's also the fact that having a dev blog going helps keep potential fans & stakeholders engaged and updated on the progresses being made and helps build rapport with those groups. This should - hopefully! - give you some insight into the kind of person I am when it comes to work ethics, what sorts of skills I have and what skills I am trying to improve, and general areas of interest of mine.

Alright, but what are you actually going to write about?

I'll be writing about all the stuff I am building and learning about in and out of my university life. So when I discover some cool tricks or effects I can make with some code, I'll write about that! If I have been focusing on aesthetics or the design of something that I am building, I'll write about that! And if I sat down and forced myself to get through something that seemed super boring, then I will write about that!

The general idea, as you may have surmised, will be that whatever I have been doing that involves my degree, I will undoubtedly be writing about it on here. Every week. Every Sunday. For a good 9 months. Stick around, its going to be great! This, however, means that I will not be doing weekly updates about my cocker spaniel's activities, which might be the only reason you are checking these out. So I am sorry about that. Maybe I can sneak them in now and then to brighten up everyone's Sunday, who knows - let's find out together!

Interesting, so what is next?

I'll look to add a post showcasing all this info within the next week, after I get a firmer grasp on how dev blogging works and how to do it with the Wix platform. Lots of things are very much up in the air right now, especially thanks to a certain global pandemic, but I will endeavor to get a working blog structure into the mix!

So, with that said, I thank you for reading and joining me on this blogging venture, and I shall see you all next week :) stay safe!

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