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Dissertation Diary: Cleaning Up Code & Designing A New Level

Hey hey hey, welcome to another update!

This is going to be a fairly short update for a few reasons, the first of which being that time has been quite difficult to find over the course of the previous week. I would like to get some nice VR recordings done to better show-off the portals I made before and the high score table, however I haven't been able to find the time sadly. Last week was also the week of Develop Brighton which took place online, so I was trying my best to watch the various talks and engage with all the attendees and speakers over on the Discord channel that was kindly made for us. If anyone that joined in spoke with me on the channels, you'd probably recognize me as the peacock guy - so hello again!

Secondly, since I've not been able to find much time, my focus has been on tidying up my code rather than adding in new features. Right now, I've got 3 separate enemy scripts that I have been testing to play with different types of enemy behavior, which will become impractical later on. So, I've been working on combining these into one master script, which is almost fully working.

Using the Debug.Log, I found that - for some reason - whenever my bullets hit an enemy, it seems to be registering the hit twice despite the bullet being destroyed upon collision. I'm going to keep digging to find out what could be causing this and resolve it soon hopefully, because it is baffling me why the bullet registers are hitting an enemy twice instead of once!

In the interim, I've also gone ahead and made a start to a new level which I am aiming to look more mountainous and in-line with some typical retro wallpapers you might find online:

Neon Retro 80s Mountain Level Environment Unity Game VR
Start To New Mountainous Level

This is very much in its early days, but it should evoke the feeling of the retro mountain backgrounds you might have come across in pop culture! I will gradually work on this as I continue developing the core aspects of the game and get the preliminary level completed before focusing much more on the design of this level.

That should about wrap things up here, hopefully I can get some more visuals for next time so that it's less walls of texts to read through! With that said though, thanks for reading my update, and I will see you next week :)

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