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Dissertation Diary: Proposal Document Writing

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Hello everyone, and welcome to week 4 of my dissertation journey!

It's already been well over a month since I began working on this virtual reality game, and already a month of resuming university soon. As you know, I stated in my previous post that my focus for this past week has been on completing the first documentation I need to submit; the proposal document, so there hasn't been any updates to the game files this time.

At the start of the summer, I sent in 5 game concept ideas / documents to my potential supervisors which ultimately resulted in the VR game being my focus for the dissertation module. Supplementing that, we need to write up a proposal document, which involves a fair bit more information being added than just what the game idea is about. Discussion about factors like the development methodology being used (in my case Agile), reviews and comparisons to similar existing games, more in-depth explanations of what the targets will be using the MoSCoW requirements, and a multitude of other variables needed to be covered.

The document itself isn't too beefy at roughly 3,800 words, but reminding myself of how to do the Harvard standard for referencing through me a little off-balance for a short while! I've actually just finished writing it up and have sent it to my supervisor shortly before I started writing up this post.

It's been a bit of an off-week in terms of scheduling, since I have had to sacrifice several days this week due to travelling to see people for business and recreation, and moving from my home base in Cornwall to my main home in Surrey to sort out a few things also cost me more days off than I would've liked. I should be returning to Cornwall in the coming week, so the routine will be back to normal soon!

I have been kindly recommended some interesting videos by YouTube about visual effects that can be achieved within Unity recently, so I think I will try my hand at those soon once I get a few things finished first. There were some very cool looking lasers that I think could find a place within the project!

So, with that, I thank you for reading this short update, and I will be back next week with - hopefully! - more substantial updates for you all :)

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