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MA Multiplayer Game Design: Resolving GitHub Issues and Pregame Lobby

Oh god...oh god oh god oh god.

GitHub gave us a real scare.


GitHub Merge Issues

Remember last week how I mentioned about us sorting out a repository for our project? Well, we did, and it was going all fine...until it didn't.

What suddenly happened was that I didn't seem to be getting updates from my teammate, which meant that I didn't have an updated version of the project. So when I started to push my changes up into the repo...I was actually pushing an outdated version of the project up, which reverted the things my programmer had done. This caused a "merge commit" to be made which was ultimately the source of the problem.

After spending hours trying to figure out how to fix this through rigorous testing and searching the web, we managed to get this resolved and made sure that I was actually getting updates correctly and that we were in sync with our project versions, but oh man...what an absolute headache to figure out.

At least we now have had a learning experience, one that we will hopefully never experience again.


Pregame Lobby

As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to get a pregame lobby into the project for players to wait in until everyone was ready to start the game - and that's what we now have!

The pregame lobby area

So the area is somewhat small, since it only needs to accommodate 20 players maximum, and it keeps everyone together nicely. The area has a few miniature obstacle courses for players to practice their platforming skills:

  • Swinging pendulums with a large swinging hammer area

  • Disappearing platforms and small pitfall area

  • Rotating spinners and moveable rotators area

  • See-saws area that leads to a big jump for the bouncy castle

The obstacles are intended to appear in the main game levels, but not all at once. It will be some obstacles in one level, others in the next, another mixture in the next...etc. etc.. Depending on how things progress, we may introduce more obstacles, at the moment this is in a decent spot and is a nice place for the players to wait in.

Oh, and there's a couple of spheres that can be pushed around by players!


Closing Thoughts

Okay, so that's that for this week, and honestly what a huge relief... Sorting out the repo was so frustrating and tiring, and so far we haven't encountered it again, which is very reassuring.

We also almost have our characters running around and working fully which is awesome and should be done in time for the upcoming presentation that we have to show our progress. I feel like we are so behind the schedule and that the other groups are likely ahead of us, so I guess I will find out after everyone presents!

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