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MA Multiplayer Game Design: The Final Update

Whoa, did you see the post title? You know what this means...

Its the last post for this project!

Its been a long ride, and its sad to see this project coming to its conclusion, but we've been hard at work trying to polish, tidy up, and eliminate bugs in our game.

I even went ahead and made more custom assets (like a custom mouse cursor and game icon) which I thought would give the game some more polish!

Its not bad, I wanted it to just be nice and simple! It won't be seen too much, so I think its perfectly fine like this.

Since I am currently w i p e d o u t, I think I will post the video that I put together after we did out playtesting below and talk about what we noted afterwards. Please enjoy!


Feedback from Playtesters

After we did our first playtest, we had an informal chat with the playtesters to get their thoughts on the game, and it generally seemed like everything was good! Nice.

There were only a couple of areas that needed some looking at:

  • A couple of hitboxes weren't positioned correctly with their meshes and one of the floating islands in Treetop Kingdom was too far to make a jump when it shouldn't have been

  • The speed of the spinners were too fast for one of the playtesters

The first point is easy to fix and was done very quickly. The second point was a little trickier because the playtesters, generally, were fine with the speeds of the spinners. One playtester expressed how the spinners going fast meant that they had to use the dash ability to help them get past the spinners, so this is something which would need another playtest. The speeds could easily be adjusted, perhaps changing them based on size, but it could be that the speeds are in a good enough spot for the time being.

I think the best part was that, after we finished doing our playtest and thanked everyone for joining, they wanted to play the game again!! Now that made me feel pretty content with how the gameplay, systems, and levels were designed! 😄


Closing Thoughts

This might be the very last post I ever do on here 😵 but I feel confident enough with the game in its current form to submit it. There are, naturally, things I still would love to add and tweak and whatnot, but the deadline is looming over us now and I have things to get done!

So, for the last time potentially, thanks for reading the blogs and stay safe! Buh byyyeee :)

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