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Engine: Unity

Programming Tools: MS Visual Studio, Unity Shader Graph (Universal Render Pipeline / URP)

Languages: C#, HLSL, ShaderLab

Role: Designer & Programmer

Team size: 1

Development Time: 1 month


"Shader Worlds" is a small project which focuses on creating interesting visual effects (VFX) through the use of Unity's native shader graph system. A total of 10 VFX were created with each one being given a suitable context and additional features, like particle systems, to make them feel more real and immersive. The project was done using the URP.

Project Components:

  • Mini-Worlds Crafted:

    • Water World

    • Military Testing Grounds

    • Hologram Lab

    • 80s Game Zone

    • Desert Ruins

    • Satellite Station

    • Advertising Center

  • Shader Effects Built:

    1. Blackhole

    2. Cyberpunk Glitch

    3. Dissolve

    4. Galaxy

    5. Gridlines

    6. Hologram

    7. Portal

    8. Clouds

    9. Water

    10. Wireframe


Design Breakdown:

My idea was to create multiple, small-scale 'worlds' which the player could visit and walk around in, with a unique shader being the highlight in each world. In some cases, there are multiple effects taking place within a given world.


To enhance these experiences, environments and audio tracks were designed and chosen to fit each specific location to complement the primary shader effect. For travel, a portal teleportation system was set up to give the player seamless transitions from one location to another without the need to load new scenes. There are a couple of known bugs in the current build, both for the executable and WebGL versions, but both are available via my itch page.

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