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Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Programming Tool: Blueprints / Blackboards / Behaviour Trees

Language: Blueprint / C++

Role: AI Programmer & Project Coordinator

Team size: 3

Development Time: 3 months


"Soul Forest" is a single player action-adventure game in which a traveller attempts to navigate a cursed forest filled with the souls of the damned. The native creatures have become enraged and will attack and attempt to kill the player as the traveller progresses through the level.


Due to the corona virus pandemic at the time of development and a myriad of technical issues that followed the U.K. lockdown, the inclusion of a final boss fight was cut from development and the project was not merged successfully. This is also why the development time was extended, as to accommodate for the unforeseen issues that arose.


As such, there are 2 videos; the first shows the majority of game components, whilst the second shows the AI that would have been merged into the project had these events not unfolded.

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