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Engine: Unity

Programming Tools: MS Visual Studio

Language: C#

Role: Designer & Programmer

Team size: 1

Development Time: 8.5 months

Genres: VR (Virtual Reality), Arcade, FPS (First-Person Shooter), Rhythm, Music, Retrowave, Synthwave, 80s, Action


"V-Rcade" is my dissertation piece completed for my BSc Computer Games Programming course with Kingston University. This is a virtual reality game built for Oculus devices (Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift).

Dissertation Components:

  • Design Focus:

    • UX (User Experience)

    • VR Technology

    • Game Design

    • Level Design

    • Psychology of Games

  • In-Game Objective:

    • Destroy as many enemies as possible until the music finishes playing and/or you run out of lives

  • Project Objective:

    • Modernize original experience of playing arcade games

Design Breakdown:

For my dissertation, I wanted to push myself beyond the comfort of working within 2D and 3D spaces. This led me to investigate development within virtual reality, which was a completely new field to explore. The game looks to recapture some of the feeling of going to an arcade to play on an arcade machine and modernise it by bringing it into the virtual world.

The game features 3 levels and 3 sets of difficulty to choose from, with each level designed to fit a particular theme from the neon 80s. Gameplay is confined to the length of a track so that there is a definite end to each play session, allowing for players to decide whether to carry on playing or to stop. This should help combat any risk of fatigue or other ailments that might occur when using VR equipment.


You can find out more information about the project via the blog posts that were written for it here!

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